Wasp nests

Have you found a wasps nest in or around your home? it needs to be thoroughly sprayed with insecticide. This can be hazardous to any DIY enthusiast and is best performed by a All Pest's professional wasp control technician. Wasp nest are common around August-September time, wasps and there wasp nests are particularly renowned for becoming a nuisance as the workers become more complacent in their surroundings.

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The most notorious pest species in the UK are ‘Common Rats’. They are carriers of diseases such as Salmonella, Weil’s Disease and Toxoplasmosis – hence the need for rat control. Rats are one of the most detested pests because of problems they cause. Their constant gnawing can cause numerous problems from fires to structural damage and they also taint foodstuffs.

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In the summer months adult fleas feed on blood. Their bites can cause intense irritation around a central bright red spot. People react differently to a bite, both in terms of degree of reaction and time taken to react – hence the need for flea pest control and flea treatment services. If you think there is a more serious flea infestation you will need a qualified flea control technician to remedy your situation.

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Pest Control Nottingham

Welcome to All Pest's Nottinghamshire we are a family run service of father and daughter technicians offering a local, fast and affordable service for any problems for Pest Control in Nottingham and surrounding areas.

Ken has many years experience of Pest Control whether it be helping gamekeepers by ferreting and Vermin Control as well his vast knowledge in a professional capacity solving your Pest Problems.

Lorraine is one of only a handful of qualified female technicians in the country, so if you are a lone female and cautious we can help, as we can work as a team and independently.

All Pest's Nottingham have had the pleasure of helping thousands of customers with Pest Control in Nottinghamshire with all types of Pest Control problems.

So let's get moving! The sooner you pick the phone and call us, the sooner your pest problems will be just an unpleasant memory.